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-Name? Michelle Murray (Chelle for short)
-Age? 14
-Location? Orange, Ct. USA
-Birthday? March 5
-Gender? Female
-Sexuality? Straight
-Grade in School? 9th

-Color? Black, Red, Blue
-Band/Artist? A Fire Inside
-Movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Song? I’m Not Okay by My Chemical Romance
-Book? Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
-Food? Chicken fingers and French fries
-Beverage? Root Beer
-Animal? Tiger
-Condiment? KETCHUP
-Website? , ,

+Fill in the Blank+
-One time at ____dinner____, I ___ate_____ the ____CHICKEN____!
-Vodka is a __awesome______ treat, and _____truffles_____ are good to eat!
-Willie Wonka definately should have ____fucked____ Veruca when he had the chance.

+Opinions On...+
-Johnny Depp as the new Willie Wonka? I think Johnny Depp as the new Willie Wonka is an amazing idea. Whoever thought of it, was pure genius. Depp always knows how to make everything exciting and I am definitely going to see that movie.
-Avril Lavigne? I don’t like her. Some people do but I don’t see whats so great about her. She labels herself punk but then sings pop…it doesn’t make any sense to me. I honestly don’t understand why people like her but I’m not gonna insult her because she is better off then a lot of the world’s people.
-Vodka? Candy is Dandy, but Liqour is Quicker!!! I think vodka is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Its so yum and it gives you a nice feeling. Its everything I could ever want in a drink.
-George Dubya Bush winning the Presidential Election? Well, theres a lot to say about that. First off, hes kind of an idiot. Ok I lied, hes a huge idiot. Come on, he cant even eat pretzels. I don’t think he should be the leader of our people. Love and marriage is about love…not gender. If you got raped, you cant have the kid. Seriously, there should be no draft either. If kerry won, the war would have stopped. God.
-Cheesy pick-up lines? I’m not impressed by them. But, im impressed by the person who says them to me because it shows they are trying really hard to impress me.
-Scary movies? I think they rock. Without scary movies, the world would be empty. Living in a life filled with drama, humor, and survival, we need a little bit of fright to make our days sometimes.
-Underage drinking? Overrated. Everyone does it because they think their “bad” if they do it. but its really not a huge deal anyways. Its hella fun but I mean, its really overrated.
-Skateboarders? I think they are ok. Once again, they are just normal people. Sure, they have cool hair and they can do awesome tricks, but they are just as likely to win my heart over as any other people are.

+Pick one+
-Boxers of Briefs? Boxers
-Puppies or Kittens? Puppies
-Girls or Boys? Boys
-Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Friends with Benefits? Bf/gf
-Bath or Shower? Shower
-The Ring or The Grudge? The grudge
-Originals or Remakes? remakes
-Originals or Sequels? sequels

-At least 2 clear pictures of yourself. AFI AFI!
yeah…I know
wow loser
-Someone you find attractive. davey!!
-An animal. good old butterflies
-Something funny. ITS FLUFFY!!!
-Something that you hate. FUCKING PEEPS! lol
-Something random.
lmao I think that’s funny
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