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andilovevodka2's Journal

willie wonka,..loves his vodka#!!
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Rules for Applicants:

-Please bold either the answers or the questions, or else it's really hard to read. It's quite easy to do this, just write <"b">text text text and take out the quotations. Bravo!
-If you don't have any pics, you will probably be rejected. That's just the way the river flows. This is a rating community.
-You may apply again, ONE WEEK after you have been rejected.
-Please use lj-cut for your application. To do this write <"lj-cut text-"Willie Wonka Loves His Vodka"">Your Application Goes Here and once again take out the quotations. To clarify, where it says text, you need to leave the punctuations around the text that is going to be your title. If you have a question, feel free to look it up in LJ FAQ.
-Please put "Candy is Dandy, but Liqour is Quicker" somewhere in your application so we know that you read the rules.
-Please don't freak out if we reject you. It's no big deal, you can re-apply again in a week.
-You can only apply 3 times. Sorry!

Rules for Members:

-Please don't get pissy with an applicant. Unless of course you were provoked.
-Please bold your final verdict: Yes!
-Judge based on their personality and their pictures.
-If an applicant starts getting bitchy, please tell a mod so they can ban the applicant.
-Please give the +'s and -'s of their application.
+ Oh my god. You look just like Adam Brody!
- Ah, you can't spell and you have extremely poor grammar. But I'll overlook it because you look like Adam Brody!
+ Atleast you read the rules!


Elaborate or DIE. Thankyou for your time XD

-Grade in School?


+Fill in the Blank+
-One time at ____________, I _____________ the ___________!
-Vodka is a _____________ treat, and ______________ are good to eat!
-Willie Wonka definately should have ______________ Veruca when he had the chance.

+Opinions On...+
-Johnny Depp as the new Willie Wonka?
-Avril Lavigne?
-George Dubya Bush winning the Presidential Election?
-Cheesy pick-up lines?
-Scary movies?
-Underage drinking?

+Pick one+
-Boxers of Briefs?
-Puppies or Kittens?
-Girls or Boys?
-Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Friends with Benefits?
-Bath or Shower?
-The Ring or The Grudge?
-Originals or Remakes?
-Originals or Sequels?

-At least 2 clear pictures of yourself.
-Someone you find attractive.
-An animal.
-Something funny.
-Something that you hate.
-Something random.

Your Lovely Mods!